Dealing with Differences and Conflicts Using Communication and Mediation

In a perfect world, everyone would get along and there would not be a need for ways to resolve conflict. Unfortunately conflicts do arise and it is especially prevalent among homeowners residing in Common Interest Developments. Such conflicts may arise between the Board of Directors with an individual homeowner or between two (2) or more…
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Tee’d Off

Golf Course Developments: Tee’d Off Owners, How Do We Limit Exposure?

You are enjoying your morning coffee looking out over the beauty of a dewcovered fairway from the serenity of your home when “bam,” a golf ball careens off your sliding glass door or your roof. Your magic moment is destroyed and your blood pressure…
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Tenants – For Better or Worse

When an owner purchases a property as an investment, the legal obligations of renting may be far from the owners mind. Some owners, not wanting the responsibility, hire a licensed real estate broker to find a qualified tenant and manage the tenancy for a fee. Owners handling the rental themselves should be familiar with the…
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AB2289 – Assessment Collection Procedures


AB2289 was enacted on September 29, 2002 , which in essence modifies specific sections contained in the Davis-Stirling Act. The following discusses the effect of AB2289 on associations collection procedures for delinquent assessments.


AB2289 clearly requires that all associations distribute a written…
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SB800 – Construction Defects

The intent of SB800 is to facilitate and improve the resolution of construction defect claims. SB800 applies to single-family homes, condominiums and town homes originally sold on or after January 1, 2003, and is binding on all original purchasers and their successors in interest. The bill identifies new procedures for taking action against builders, architects…
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Should Your Association Revise Its Governing Documents?

There’s nothing like a full-scale disaster to force an Association and its counsel to take a long serious look at the documents which the Board, the members, the property manager and prospective buyers and lenders rely on in evaluating any number of issues that effect them almost on a daily basis. On January 17, 1994,…
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